The mission of EMS Data Systems’ Document Services Division is to ensure the quality, accuracy and integrity of your data through intelligent custom form design, thorough technical documentation, comprehensive training materials, and knowledgeable consulting services. Whether you choose optical mark read (OMR) or image (ICR) scanning, key entry, or a combination of data collection methods, Document Services will assist you in developing an accurate, reliable tool to quickly obtain just the right data.

Scannable Forms

OMR scanners provide the fastest, most accurate and least expensive way to get large amounts of select data from paper into a database. ICR scanners also provide a fast, accurate method of data collection at a significantly greater cost. However, the speed, accuracy, and ease-of-use of these types of systems depends largely on the data collection document itself. Document Services consultants use their extensive knowledge of technical design standards, printing processes, scanner requirements, aesthetic guidelines, and industry standards to develop custom forms that meet your specifications and improve the data capture process.

Technical Documentation and Training Materials

Document Services specialists work closely with EMS Data Systems programmers to ensure that each software product has thorough technical documentation to assist our customers in utilizing their software in the most efficient manner. Technical manuals relating to software operation, as well as form completion guides that provide detailed field definitions and marking instructions for the forms, are part of the total package offered by EMS Data Systems.

Consulting Services

Our design staff will assist you in determining the appropriate data elements for your data collection document, and then produce a color proof for your review and approval. Document Services consultants can also utilize their extensive knowledge of the printing industry and their network of contacts within the industry to obtain the best quality and prices for all your scannable forms and output documents. Ongoing design analysis to ensure that the document is understood and completed properly in the field is part of the incomparable service we offer to our customers.