EMS Data Systems has a top-notch team of software developers and technical support staff backed by years of study and experience in the latest information technologies. These degreed professionals are highly skilled in designing custom software from the ground up on a wide variety of platforms. However, among our customers, they are known less for their technical expertise and more for their positive, helpful attitudes and willingness to go above and beyond to assist with questions or problems.

Because EMS Data Systems’ software is so solid and stable, most of our support staff’s time is spent providing our customers with assistance in analyzing data, designing custom reports and scripts, writing grants and proposals, training new system users, and dealing with a variety of data management issues. EMS Data System’s Technical Services Department is available to assist you in a variety of technical avenues with the experience and knowledge you can count on.

Our online services allow you to review frequently asked questions, request technical assistance, or update contact information. Technical Support is also available by calling (520) 519-0239 or emailing technical@emsdata.com. Our staff will assist with troubleshooting and resolving software problems, scanner reconfiguration, and questions relating to software functionality, as well as helping you meet your operational and administrative data management needs. Step-by-step instruction and attention is given to each and every customer needing assistance.

Unlimited technical support is available to customers who have current Software Support Agreements. These agreements are renewable annually, and the cost is based on a percentage of the original software price. If you do not have a current Software Support Agreement, you may obtain technical support at an hourly rate.

EMS Data Systems’ commitment to customer service has always been one of our highest priorities and an area of excellence for our company.

For more information on EMS Data Systems Technical Services or any of our products, please call (520)-519-0239 or email technical@emsdata.com