The EMScan Scanner Module

The EMScan Scanner Module is designed to utilize optical scanning technology, and allows for the processing of forms, with the versatility to read:


Mark Sense

Machine Print


Hand Print

Scanner operation is easily controlled through EMScan's scanner menu, which prompts users for file names to process the data into and to store raw data. Storage of raw data permits records to be processed into multiple databases at a later time without having to repeat the scanning process.

EMScan also enables the scanning process to occur with on-line error checking. If the scanner is equipped with dual output hoppers, EMScan will perform on-line rejection of forms. In this configuration, forms with errors are directed to a "reject hopper", and an exception report is generated.

Each database can be assigned a unique error level, thereby controlling the quality of data accepted. A Compliance Log is maintained for each database, detailing form status by agency and form number. The Compliance Log is updated during each scanning session, and provides a cumulative history of an individual’s or reporting operation’s form completion performance.

During the scanning process, the data is converted to a special format and compacted to allow for maximum disk storage utilization. This allows for the maintenance of large databases in the microcomputer environment.