EMScan is a prehospital data collection, analysis, and reporting system that was developed by EMS Data Systems, Inc. exclusively for emergency medical services. Since its release in 1986, the EMScan system and related applications have been installed in over 1145 sites in 25 states and the District of Columbia. Presently, customers across the United States are using EMScan to collect a wide array of information on well over 4,500,000 EMS calls annually, with unsurpassed QI capability.

The EMScan software was written entirely by EMS Data Systems, and can be customized for use with any patient care report At its core, the EMScan software is a fully featured database, analysis and reporting system. It includes numerous features designed to ensure accurate data collection and ease of data management. The entire system can be modified to interface directly with other data systems and to utilize system-specific form designs with ease. EMScan also validates vehicle, service, and personnel certification/licensure information during scanning and easily interfaces with office management systems, CAD, billing, geo-based, and epidemiological systems.

EMScan sets the industry standard for the rapid and accurate collection, querying, and reporting of large databases. Data accuracy is assured by EMScan's unique ability to apply complicated error screens against each record at the time of data-entry. Multi-level screening can be specified on-line, allowing for no error checking or the application of thousands of error checks against 2,000 - 8,000 scanned records per hour. EMScan reports can be displayed in a summarized or extremely detailed manner, on any range of dates, unit, or personnel identifiers. Queries can also be easily formulated on any combination of variables within the record, and reported on any range.

A support agreement included with each purchase provides unlimited telephonic support for one year following installation. Remote diagnostics via modem are also available at no additional cost.

In addition to the EMScan system, EMS Data Systems is known for its expertise in a wide range of EMS consulting and computer-related services, including custom software applications, hardware and software sales.

For additional information, please contact us at information@emsdata.com

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