EMScan/KeyData™ -- The Simple Solution…

As an EMS administrator, you know the value of timely and accurate prehospital information in assuring quality patient care, increasing productivity, and ultimately guaranteeing your operation's success. EMScan/KeyData is a simple yet sophisticated keyboard entry-based documentation system for the WindowsTM operating environment.

The software is customized to collect all of the data elements that are required or recommended by your State EMS Agency, and it meets or exceeds the recommendations of NHTSA’s Uniform Prehospital Dataset. Billing and narrative information can also be easily entered and utilized for thorough documentation of patient care, billing, QI, or other administrative purposes.

Providers may use a standard patient care form or other type of report in the field to initially document patient care, then key-enter the data at a later time. Or EMScan/KeyData can be installed directly on laptop computers in the field and/or at a hospital or base station for direct reporting. Data collected is then exported electronically to the host system via e-mail, internet FTP transfer, modem or diskette. How you use it is up to you, whatever is easiest logistically and makes sense for your operation.

Data may also be easily exported in ASCII format to other software packages or systems for billing purposes or additional statistical analyses. The software may be modified to collect any number of additional data elements, generate specialized reports, or add special interfaces (e.g., CAD, billing, etc.). Reporting and Query modules are available for providers who wish to do more extensive operational analysis and QI.

EMScan/KeyData is a cost effective means of data collection, analysis, and reporting that utilizes the same sophisticated error checking and data validation features found in our larger software systems. If any data is entered incorrectly, it is detected during the key-entry process, and the errors can be corrected before the record is accepted into the database. You determine what’s acceptable data and what isn’t acceptable – and can change these "filters" easily on your own. We will also modify them free of charge if you prefer.

Additional features of the EMScan/KeyData software include:

  • Well-designed, sequential menus and screens that guide personnel through accurate and thorough key entry for complete patient documentation.
  • "Pop-up" windows and selection lists that reduce input time and eliminate spelling errors.
  • Security provisions to prevent unauthorized access or modification to records.
  • An easy-to-use export module that facilitates data transfer to a host EMScan site or to other billing, inventory or reporting software applications for additional analysis and reporting (e.g. epidemiological studies, geo-based mapping, etc.).
  • An optional Report Module that allows you to produce a variety of pre-defined
    standard reports, as well as custom reports on the contents of any field within the
    database. Both standard and custom reports may be individually defined to report on any range of unit numbers and/or dates.
  • An optional Query Module containing additional features for sophisticated querying and analysis of data, quality assurance filtering, data import and export, and enhanced standard and customized reporting capability.

For more information on EMScan/KeyData or other innovative solutions from EMS Data Systems, please contact us at information@emsdata.com.

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