Scan & ScoreTM is a powerful, user-friendly tool that automates test scoring and survey processing utilizing an Optical Mark Read (OMR) scanner and standard or customized scannable forms. With this cost-effective scoring system, you can get faster results from a variety of tests and surveys, thus allowing you to provide more immediate feedback to participants and trainers.

Scan & Score has a menu-driven interface that automatically operates a scanner, scores the tests, and directs scores to specific areas for review and documenting. As tests are scored, results are collected and stored for detailed reports, including roster reports, item analysis, average scores and frequency distributions. The software’s flexibility allows you to score a variety of tests and surveys of varying length and format, and it supports the entry of multiple test keys complete with subtests and modules. Furthermore, the software easily exports test data in standard ASCII format for use with additional sources such as other software packages, personnel record databases, etc. In addition, an optional Output Module lets you automatically generate user-defined and customized letters with encoded test results, certificates, mailing labels, file folder labels and any other output documents.

Envision scanning a test and as it passes through the scanner, the results are saved and a "congratulations letter" complete with the student’s name, test results, mailing label and file folder label prints out of the printer. Seconds later, a "sorry, you didn’t pass" letter is printing complete with test results and the student’s options for re-testing or continuing education information all with one pass of the exam sheet. Want more output? Perhaps a roster with all the test scores or pass/fail ratios for instructors or something completely unique? Just ask.

Scan & Score – so simple yet so powerful.