FireScan is a versatile, user-friendly data management system designed by EMS Data Systems to make your fire reporting easier and more accurate. FireScan utilizes optical scanning technology integrated with a powerful database engine to collect, analyze and report on a wide range of fire incident information.

Data capture is accomplished by scanning customized report forms designed to collect all pertinent incident data, or by key-entering the data into a laptop or PC. A variety of standard and custom reports can then be generated on variable date and unit ranges, thus allowing you to obtain quick, accurate information on response times, frequency and peak periods of calls, incident types and locations, ignition factors, property and human losses, and a host of other data essential to evaluation and planning.

FireScan’s optional Query Module lets you compile and analyze your data, track current trends, and project future ones, thus enhancing your ability to schedule and locate personnel and equipment for maximum efficiency. Investigators, insurance representatives, and consumer agencies will also find FireScan a valuable tool for tracking incidents to provide reliable statistics on arson, property risk, and ignition factors.

FireScan is NFIRS compliant, yet designed to be responsive to your specific needs. Data may be exported in ASCII format to other software packages or systems for inventory purposes or additional statistical analysis. The software may be modified to collect any number of additional data elements, generate specialized reports, or add special interfaces (e.g., CAD, billing, etc.).

FireScan is the effective, flexible solution to your fire reporting needs. For more information on integrating FireScan into your operation, contact us.