Each day, we rely upon our educational facilities to provide a quality learning experience for our children. Equally important is their safety and security. Injury prevention is the key to ensuring a safe and secure environment.

Recognizing how injuries occur and who is most at risk is critical to prevention. Identifying how, when, and where and to whom incidents occur provides administrators with the tools necessary to develop successful prevention strategies. KinderScan’s innovative system approach ensures that program resources are best targeted to maximize injury prevention results.

Information can be captured a number of different ways depending upon the educational/childcare setting. We typically create a customized incident document which allows for the information contained on the document to be stored in an electronic format. Thus, information contained in these documents is rendered useful and meaningful. Completed documents are then scanned into the KinderScan system.

During scanning, or other type of data capture such as key-entry, information is screened thoroughly by KinderScan’s customizable filtering process, thus assuring data integrity. For example, if a child’s age is indicated to be 6, however his grade is listed as "Eighth Grade", a screen would request that the information be verified since it is unlikely that a 6-year-old is in Eighth Grade. Once verified, the data is instantly available. A wide variety of standard and custom reports can then be generated for variable date and unit ranges.

Real-world examples of recent KinderScan applications include:

  • Identification of inadequate supervision at recess within an 45 minute window led to slight scheduling adjustment which resulted in a 30% reduction in injuries at recess. Further, those injuries occurring prior to the adjustment of supervision resulted in 3 or more days absent due to the injuries sustained.
  • Identification of a insect-related problem within a specific region in a state. While each school had minimal incidents, collectively the data showed a larger problem occurring. Health Department professionals were able to immediately pinpoint the area, the source of the problem and eradicate it, thus preventing any further incidents.
  • Too numerous to detail, problems with play equipment and general school equipment. The aggregate data easily target problem areas and potential problem areas allowing administrators to actively and successfully prevent incidents.

Examples of questions frequently and easily posed to the database and easily answered:

  • How many incidents occurred during a specific date range?
  • What types of injuries occurred and how frequently?
  • What activities/equipment were factors in certain injuries?
  • How many injuries occurred due to assaults or gang-related activities?
  • Does the data suggest any trends?
  • What were the levels of supervision during incidents in which injuries occurred?
  • How many freshman football players sustained neck injuries during a scheduled event off school property?
  • How many 4th grade girls in District 1 missed more than five days of school due to an injury?

Initially developed and implemented for public school students in grades K-6, KinderScan has proven so successful that it has been rapidly expanded to include high schools, preschool programs, daycare centers, as well as many private after school programs.

KinderScan serves as an effective tool to allow for informed decision-making regarding implementation of strategic injury prevention programs. Decisions relating to:

  • Playground Equipment
  • Adequate Supervision Ratios
  • Preventable Absences
  • Age-Appropriate Activities
  • Future Insurance Liability
  • Safety Equipment Usage

KinderScan’s flexibility allows the user to collect, analyze and report injury information with this sophisticated, yet easy to use, software. Standard modules allow for:

  • Scanning a Variety of Forms
  • Database Management
  • Scripts for Ease of Report Dissemination
  • Querying of Data
  • Long Term Surveillance
  • Standard/Custom Reporting

KinderScan—an effective system for the promotion of injury prevention.

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