Diagnosis and appropriate treatment of child abuse has long been considered a clinical art, as physical findings cannot always stand on their own. Additionally, because abuse and neglect are often chronic conditions, a myriad of factors in addition to physical findings must be evaluated. Capturing all the important data elements to be considered, in proper order and in a proper manner is critical. AbuseScan was developed for precisely this purpose.

AbuseScan was originally developed for use by the University of Oklahoma Children’s hospital under the auspices of an Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) grant. It has successfully tracked a myriad of data elements related to incidents of physical and sexual abuse of children as well as neglect. Since then, variations, updates, and expansion of datasets and reporting capabilities have allowed for its use in several other settings.

Once the data is captured, a series of analyses are easily applied and reports generated. Instantly, not only are individual cases available for review and critique, trends can also be identified, as well as the identification of individual patients as possible repeat cases using different names.

AbuseScan is a powerful tool, easily customized and an important tool in the battle against child abuse and neglect.