Try to imagine having the power to predict the future. You’re an administrator or organization with responsibilities for managing the health care concerns of a population of people. Within that population you have a large senior population, statistically likely to have more health-related problems, and require more attention to ensure their well being and quality of life than others. Whether you’re a large insurance company, small community Physician’s group, or something in between, you realize the value of good, reliable information.

When your goal is protecting, ensuring and providing for a population of people’s health, prevention and planning are integral parts to that goal. With a tool developed by EMS Data Systems, you’re easily on your way.

We have developed several products that provide for the voluntary surveying of patient populations combined with demographic data that has saved countless dollars in preventable illnesses. In addition, the value-add to the population and community in general has been palpable in a number of locations. With advance warning of risk factors, health insurers, providers and community physicians can plan accordingly with targeted educational campaigns, public service announcements, family education seminars and health screening fairs. Seeing elevated risk for specific illnesses allows providers to manage and plan with other ancillary health organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and local or national health managers.

A real life example of this is a large and well-known insurance carrier that blindly sampled a large portion of their senior population. Through barcoding and a series of identity protection measures, patient information was kept strictly confidential. The company discovered to their surprise, that in a specific region of the country, there was a severely increased likelihood of stroke. In another, an unusually high number of prescriptions for a specific drug whose efficacy was being challenged. Within days, contacts were made with local physicians in these areas and a national organization to address prevention and education. Informational packets were readied and distributed to this particular area as well as other regions that came back higher than the national average. In the other region, pharmacies, pharmaceutical representatives and a local physician’s group were contacted to assist in investigating the appropriateness of the increased prescriptions for this particular drug.

No matter what your role is in senior population health management, EMS Data Systems, Inc. has an information tool that will assist you in your important goal of health and quality of life maintenance.

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