You care about your patients. You want to be that caring health professional that prevents unnecessary health events in your patients’ lives. You often wish you could evaluate all of your patients or potential patients before a health crisis. Not only could you enhance their health, but you could provide a service to the community at large.

In many cities many physicians’ and/or community groups are doing just this with assistance from one of EMS Data Systems’ many risk assessment tools. A personalized letter goes out to a specific or entire population inquiring about their health behaviors and histories. The information is processed either by scanning or key-entry depending upon target audience size or system preference. A cordial, personalized letter is automatically generated and mailed to the participating individuals. Based upon the results, targeted educational materials are easily distributed from the physicians’ or community group. In addition, educational seminars can be offered targeting those individuals and family members at increased risk for adverse event.

The results, including volume of participation, have been startling. Not only has it helped patients and community members immensely and served as a very positive public relations tool, it has also, quite simply, saved lives.

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