The Wellness Scanning System was designed by EMS Data Systems in order to track a specific population’s health protective behaviors. The system allows administrators of wellness programs to track participation in a variety of activities over time. Such activities might include employee participation in exercise programs, weight-loss programs, smoking-cessation or stress-reduction classes. The system not only maintains individual participant activities, but also allows for the tracking of results, such as in blood pressure or weight loss.

Another feature of Wellness Scanning is the ability to auto-generate letters requesting participation in new programs, congratulatory letters for successful participants, as well as dissemination of prizes for individuals meeting certain levels of achievement. Groupings of individuals as "teams" are also easily done, as are corresponding results reports for distribution to all participants.

In general, the system facilitates the administration of health awareness and promotional programs without all the effort required to maintain and organize them. Feedback to participants is an important factor to program success and future participation, and one of the most difficult to manage with large groups or a variety of programs. With the Wellness Scanning System, feedback is done automatically, allowing program managers to create new ideas for health promotion. In addition, decision-makers can utilize the wealth of available information to calculate past program efficacy and determine which programs to finance and promote in the future.

If you are interested in successful health promotion for your organization, where individual participation is a key element to the overall health of the entire population, then The Wellness Scanning System is a small investment to all but guarantee your success and the health of your company.