FluScan and PneuScan are software systems that successfully track the administration and success of a Flu Shot and Pneumonia Shot programs for government health departments or other corporate health programs. The systems utilize simple and inexpensive scannable forms to collect employee, family, and individual’s participation in the programs, and the locations where participation took place. The systems credit the employee or family member with participation, as well as crediting the corresponding agency or group with which the participant is associated.

Both systems, or a combination of the two, provide an easy means by which to track employee and group participation, volume of vaccines provided, and, in the event of problem serum, an easy means by which to locate potentially affected participants. The systems also allow for tracking of hours and services of health professionals administering the vaccines.

The software automatically generates lists of individuals or groups participating, and allows for auto-generation of letters to participants, and non-participants if incentive letters need to be disseminated. In addition, the systems allow for specific group or individual participant pricing and invoicing if appropriate. Reminder notices are also included, and are easily targeted to individuals, groups, or entire populations.

Follow-up tracking is another strong feature of FluScan and PneuScan , and allows for efficacy studies and other research studies to take place with the data, queries & reports stored in the system.