Many organizations are currently reevaluating the manner in which immunization records of the general population are tracked…if at all. Now the collection, analysis and controlled access to this important information can be easily and quickly managed with EMS Data Systems’ ImmuniScanTM software.

ImmuniScanTM is customized to allow for the collection of a variety of data fields, including fields such as:

  • name
  • phone number
  • age
  • address
  • type of immunization
  • location of immunization
  • who administered the immunization
  • batch number

Data input occurs via a combination of key-entry and scanning of simple, custom-designed forms. The type of data collected can be determined by each site per the requirements of the state or agency. This information is stored and any new entries (e.g., immunizations or follow-ups) that are made automatically update the previous information, thus ensuring a current and complete record for each patient. In addition, the information entered must pass a series of completion and logic screens, thus ensuring data integrity.

Each health care provider can keep an accurate inventory of the number and type of vaccines currently on site to ensure that there will not be a shortage. Batch numbers and expiration dates of the vaccines available at each site can be entered and tracked allowing for precise and safe control of all on-site immunizations.

ImmuniScan TM generates a variety of custom and standard reports designed during the development process, and it allows the user to track and pool information on a much larger level. Documents such as immunization reminders/notices can be automatically generated as the systems tracks who is current and who is not.

With the ever-increasing number of diseases that threaten our health, protection can only come from accurate data tracking. ImmuniScanTM provides a way to quickly and accurately safeguard our nation’s wellness and safety against threats of bioterrorism. No longer will the medical field rely on the patient to keep information current. Patients and their physicians will have immediate access to vital immunization records, and aggregate data for analysis and research purposes.

A simple solution, actually, yet completely customized for you. Give us a call if you would like more information about it, or any of our other products.

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