A completely automated system for determining the stroke risk for an individual or group of individuals. By using a series of algorithms and responses to specific questions, a person’s risk for stroke is calculated and shared with the individual participants. In addition, prevention strategies are also customized for and provided to the participants. A unique and powerful system, with a personal touch.

A system that allows for the pairing of an individual’s clinical results and responses to a series of stroke risk behaviors. The system then evaluates the individuals’ overall stroke risk and determines a course of action designed to reduce the overall risk and prevent a stroke from occurring for the individual participant. Highly successful, this system is saving lives.

A scannable system that scores the NIH Stroke Scale, an evaluation instrument widely regarded that is used in clinical trials and settings. The scoring system fully automates the scoring and reporting of results to the clinical participants. The system allows for the easy distribution of measurement instruments, scans and scores the tests, provides testing data (pass/fail ratios and the like), and auto-generates custom and individualized letters to participants, and general result letters to associated facilities. A great system, facilitating the administration of a great tool.