Developed in conjunction with the National Stroke Association, the Stroke PreventSM System provides for the collection of both clinical data and response data for purposes of evaluating an individual's risk of stroke.

The system is completely customizable and allows for easy and instantaneous scanning and compilation of stroke risk, based on participant responses and their individualized clinical findings such as cholesterol level, blood pressure reading, blood analysis, etc. The information is instantly prepared and available for the participants in a clear and detailed manner. Participants can then bring the information directly to their health care provider or in the absence of any risk, follow the clear instructions of how to maintain a low risk for stroke.

The Stroke Prevent System has been a big success at Health Screenings throughout the country, has effectively modified behaviors and more importantly, has successfully identified a number of people who had no idea of their critically high risk of stroke and enabling them through proper information to seek treatment and adopt proven prevention strategies.

A powerful and important system, Stroke Prevent is playing a large role in educating people on stroke, their risks, and important prevention strategies. Quite simply, it's preventing strokes.